BOOK CLUB at San Jose First Presbyterian Church
First Presbyterian Church, San Jose; Joining hands with Christ in the Inner City


Sunday, October 20th, 1:00 p.m.

The Search for Truth About IslamOur next book will be: The Search for Truth about Islam, a Christian Pastor Separates Fact from Fiction by Rev. Ben Daniel of Foothill Presbyterian Church. Ben tackles common stereotypes and misconceptions that tend to define Islam in the popular imagination. He also looks at Christianity’s own history of violence and explores what he calls “the American cult of fear” Daniel helps debunk the myths and puts a human face on Islam in America. A most interesting read for all, with many opportunities for discussion and questions.

Ben has been invited to join us on Sunday, October 20th at 1:00 p.m. at the Church. Books are available in the church office for a suggested donation of $20 per book.







Do you like to read, discuss ideas, and share fellowship? FPC has started a book club, so please join us! Invite your friends and neighbors too! We’ll choose a book, give you a month or two to read it, and then meet for some fun and fellowship and discussion. One book per meeting, you can choose to join us for one book, or many. What kind of books? It’s up to us! Fiction or non-fiction, spiritual or not: any contemporary book of interest to the group can be chosen. How does what YOU read change how you look at and interact with the world? Does your faith affect how a book touches you, and does how a book touches you affect your faith?

Please see Lori Tierney if you are interested, or have any questions. We are also looking for volunteers to host book nights, for your ideas/preferences regarding meeting location or other details (snacks, coffee?).

For more info contact Lori Tierney or the church office at (408) 297-7212 or

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