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First Presbyterian’s 11th Annual

International Dinner
International Dinner
Sunday, October 5, 12 p.m.
Social Hall - First Presbyterian Church - 49 N. 4th St. - San Jose


Share your family holiday traditions.
Bring potluck dinner items to share
from the country of your origins.

*RSVP to 408-297-7212

Cultural dress welcome!
You may also share the story/song/dance
behind your special dish!

     Sign up in the Church Narthex

The International Dinner began as a result of the Sunday School teachers looking around our classrooms and noticing all of the beautiful and unique faces of the children.

The great thing about First Presbyterian Church is that we value diversity. Diversity has become one of those words frequently used with air-quotes. The sincerity has been lost most of the time the word is used, but this is not true of First Presbyterian Church.

We cherish the differences in our families, our church and our community. Keep in mind that it is not our differences that make us a church family; instead it is the acceptance of our differences and the love of Jesus that binds us. This love gives us the ability to welcome the differences.

Our differences come in many forms. Some of us are from the South, some from the North or even the Midwest. Some of us were born in the US, some migrated here. Some of us learned English as a first language; some learned it as a second language. The differences are great and come from many sources.

But the thing that makes us a church family comes from one source, the love of Jesus.

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