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Change 4 Change has been a dynamic, continuing Mission opportunity for our FPC family. It is interesting to note how it evolved some 18 years ago from another ministry, Habitat for Humanity. HfH leader, Millard Fuller, and thousands of volunteers walked 1,000 miles as a community awareness and fundraising event. Along the way they found coins on the ground and collected them, gathering thousands of dollars in the process.

At that time, John Lococo, a member of our congregation, was walking 3-4 miles daily through the downtown streets and began collecting the change (and sometimes folding money) that he found along the way, giving it to the local HfH coffers. In order to enhance his giving he began a process of giving only paper money when making purchases and putting the change in a jar each evening. Not only did the change accumulate quickly but this provided a daily reminder of those nearby and far away in great need and for whom the money was intended.

The Mission Team adopted Change 4 Change as a fundraiser and thousands of dollars have been raised for FPC’s local and global ministries. It is a 365 days a year opportunity for us to share in ways that “don’t hurt but do help”. So keep up the caring and sharing!

Some of the organizations who have been recipients of our funds:


We purchased a table and chairs for their front porch.
Immanuel House website >>
Immanuel House table and chairs donation


Women's Gathering Place

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Mercy Beyond Borders

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