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Help hungry individuals coming to our Front Door.

Front Door ministryIn the late 2000s our church began a Front Door program to pack and give away lunches to whomever came asking for food. We have hungry people coming to the church door on Monday through Wednesday and Friday asking for our bag lunches!
In 2015 we served 29,868 lunches during the year to an average of over 150 people per day, more than double the amount served just three short years ago! . We are fortunate to have devoted volunteers who come weekly or when needed to serve our “outdoor friends”.

In October, 2014, as part of our Front Door Ministry, we started a Women’s Gathering Place (WGP) in our church to give up to 25 homeless women respite from the streets three afternoons a week, For information about this new program see
With the bag lunch program we have been blessed by financial, food, toiletries and lunch bag donations from many other Presbyterian churches, several Methodist churches and members of the community in support of the bag lunch ministry. Several churches use their “Fifth Sunday” service days to pack bag lunches for our program.

We welcome help in supplying these lunch bags to hungry people! Each lunch costs about $1.50 to produce and church members and friends could either contribute money or make/pack up completed lunches or even purchase some of the component parts for these bags:

• Tuna, chicken, or ham salad with cracker packages (come individually in tuna section of store; usually are $1 but can be $1.29 or more)
• OR- small cans of Vienna sausages (Smart and Final, Costco and other places) $.50 can or less in bulk
• BIG boxes of cookies or crackers we can make into smaller snack bag sizes
• Applesauce or fruit cups in individual containers (available everywhere in packs of 6 or 8 small cases of 8 packs)
• Cereal/power/snack bars (come individually or in boxes of 8-12) (Please-- nothing crunchy or sticky/gooey as many of our folks have dental issues)
• Snack packages of cookies or crackers
• Boxes of raisins (come in groups of 6 or 8)
• Peanut butter or cheese and cracker packages (come in packages of 8—12)
• Cases of bottled water or real juice boxes.
• Plastic spoons and napkins
• Extra large lunch bags (size 8) (Smart and Final) (about $10.00 for 500)
• Boxes of plastic zip lock type sandwich bags

Good stores to get these items cheaply include:

• Smart & Final
• Costco
• Grocery Outlet
• Dollar Tree/Dollar Store

See Karleen in the church office (408) 297-7212 /
or email Martha Beattie, Mission Elder, at

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