First Presbyterian Church, San Jose; Joining hands with Christ in the Inner City


We are a spiritual/religious community where our focus is on living meaningful lives of service, integrity, and joy. We welcome people of all religious backgrounds or no religious background. We welcome people of all races, classes, cultures, and ages.  

If you are looking for friendship, searching for significance, wanting to grow in life skills and relationships, or wanting to know how to have a relationship with God, we have found some very good ways to help people just like you. We welcome all who come with an open mind and an open heart.

Wherever you are along your journey of faith, you are welcome in our place!

If you are a visitor or are new to First Presbyterian Church, we invite you to visit the Welcome Table. There you will find information about our church and programs and volunteers can offer ways to begin getting acquainted. Make sure to ask about the 10-minute Welcome Tour to learn more about us and see our History Wall and lovely outside area.

This church strives to be accessible to all people. Our Bulletins are printed in large font and large print hymnals and bibles are available for use on Sundays located inside the Sanctuary. Our Sanctuary offers wheelchair accessible seating available on the left side of the aisle. Please let us know if you have any special needs


Please join us at 10:30 a.m. every Sunday for an inspiring message followed by fellowship/refreshments in our Social Hall.


Childcare is available for all children.  The children are present for the first 10 min. of the service when we have the Children’s Sermon, after which they go to their designated classrooms for their Sunday lesson. We provide a safe and warm loving environment for our children.


The Church has a parking lot on site, as well as free street parking on Sundays and the adjacent city parking lot which is free on weekends and evenings after 6 p.m. for overflow.

*Should you desire, you may make an appointment with one of our ministers or any other member of our program staff by calling the church office Monday through Thursday 9:30- 4:00 p.m. at (408) 297-7212.

Once again, welcome to our Downtown Church. We invite you to be a part of dynamic growing church that is making a difference in the community, and we look forward to getting to know you on a personal basis.


The Presbyterian constitution acknowledges this need for an informed believer. It points out that Presbyterians affirm, above all else, the power, holiness, and love of God who creates, sustains, rules and redeems the world.

Some main beliefs are:

  1. Their salvation is assured through faith in Jesus Christ. Therefore:
  2. God calls them for service to others.
  3. They discover this calling in a disciplined study of both the Old and New Testaments.
  4. This study leads them to promote and practice a life that nourishes all other life on the planet God has provided, and to work for the fullest possible sustainable life for all God's other children, wherever they live on the planet.

Presbyterians believe that Jesus, a Jew from Nazareth, is a model of what God intended all humanity to be like.

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