Meet Our Church Admin

Beside her clerical duties like answering our phone and door, creating our weekly bulletin and other publications, maintaining our database of members are some equally valuable “beyond her job description tasks like:

  • She also acts as a buffer between many of our visitors who want to see me for money and those who call on the phone—she has an uncanny knack for knowing who really needs to see me for spiritual guidance and support and those who are making the rounds again for money.
  • She gives out the lunches to the hungry people who come to our door (sometimes up to 10 a day)
  • She also gives our visitors a list of places where they can get help, she often supplies immediate needs such as toiletries, dry socks, ponchos, and from time to time blankets and jackets.
  • She monitors use of the sanctuary for some people who want to come in to pray.
  • She co-ordinates volunteers for the Thursday Second Harvest Food Bank Brown Bag distribution and arrives at the church by 5:30 a.m. to receive and set up the food for distribution. She makes sure there is food for the volunteers as many miss their breakfast at the place where they reside.
  • She keeps a drawer of special food some of our homeless friends as a treat (canned salmon for Ann, special treats for Paul’s two boys, hot things for Maralyn, etc.)
  • She does a craft activity with Live Oak several times a year (and then stays late to make up the time)
  • She gleans needed supplies for our visitors from different places.

When you’re at church and you see Karleen, take the time to give Karleen a special thank you for all she does for our congregation and the people who come to us during the week.

— Pastor Sharon
published in the FPCSJ newsletter, March 2011