A Colorful History … A Hope-Filled Future

San Jose was the state capital in 1849 when the American Home Missionary Society assigned the Rev. John Douglas to serve as the organizing pastor of the First Presbyterian Church.

Our rich history affirms the valuable contributions of this congregation. Faithfulness in service in the community has included:

  • aiding young local Chinese girls sold into prostitution in the 1800s
  • establishing several “daughter” congregations that continue their ministry today
  • providing nutritious meals and tutoring for the children of migrant farm workers in the 1940s
  • serving as one of the founding members of InnVision (formerly Urban Ministry) and continuing to actively support the agency’s work
  • leading in advocacy and affordable housing for low-income older adults and the disabled, including construction of Town Park Towers, a 216-unit apartment complex for seniors
  • offering English-as-a-Second-Language tutoring
  • continually seeking to respond to the needs of the poor, homeless and lonely around us and in the larger world beyond our door.